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April 25, 2005

Esteban Carpio update

This is the best story I've seen on the case to date. Obviously, the fact that they beat the shit out of him when they caught him, does not make what he did any less horrific - killing a police officer in an attempt to escape. As you can see in the account, it was clearly premeditated. Carpio repeatedly asked for water so that he could get one of the officers alone and make his move.

From the Providence Journal:

At about midnight, Matos was in the detective squad area outside the conference room. The other detectives had gone to the Linwood Avenue shooting. McGann agreed to get Carpio another drink of water from the kitchen across the hall, leaving Allen and Carpio alone.

The door to the conference room slammed, locked.

From behind it came sounds of a struggle.

And then gunfire.

Of course, as to the beating, there's also this:

Running down every sidewalk, emerging from every alley, were dozens and dozens of police officers with guns drawn.

Then Crugnale saw a man sprint down Washington Street toward Kennedy Plaza. The first to catch him - beneath the blue awning of Roger Williams University - were Providence Patrolman Scott Petrocchi, partnered with FBI agent Justin Bowers, and state Troopers Chris Zarrella and Derek Borek. Others soon followed.

Blood spilled onto the brick sidewalk.

The police would say later that Carpio fought violently.

One Providence police sergeant jumped on the pile of officers trying to subdue and handcuff Carpio.

He's my prisoner! the sergeant shouted....

The chief ordered that Carpio was not to be left alone. He posted four officers and a supervisor with the prisoner.

The order had two purposes. Carpio had already shown a propensity to flee. And Esserman wanted to protect him in case anyone was tempted to seek his own justice.

Posted by Mike at April 25, 2005 12:31 PM

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I disagree with what he did to the police officer of course, but the police had no right to beat him the way he did yes he killed one of their men but it still doesn't ive them the right. They are constantly harassing him til this day and it is horrible i think they should be stopped. Stephen(esteban) is a very good man...i pray things get better for him.

Posted by: domirican_ma [TypeKey Profile Page] at August 13, 2007 07:09 PM

Umm he jumped through a 4th story window im pretty sure he would recieve a few injuries. and how is the cop he killed looking or the elderly woman he stabbed

Posted by: oraclej25 [TypeKey Profile Page] at September 15, 2007 08:15 AM

Poster # 1-Stephen is a very good man? Did you just say that? What is your definition of a good man? He smiles at his mother? He thanks his Pops when he loans him 20 dollars?

What is lacking in this country is accountability and responsibility. I want to hear of the stories on the news where parents are the ones calling the cops saying "my son just committed a crime and I know where he is, go arrest him." No more boo-hooing to the media about how "Stephen is such a good boy, I remember when he made me a home-made valentine's day card when he was 10." No Stephen is now a grown ass man and unfortunately a killer.

I am no great fan of the police officers in this country, but COME ON. You kill a cop while you are being questioned, not even arrested? The mother should have been slapping him silly when he showed up in that court in the mask.

Thank God, I have parents who love me beyond compare, but I am proud to say that they can distinguish between right and wrong when it comes to my brother and myself. They have always lived by example and if we mess up greatly, they let us face the consequences. That is a REAL parent. Not this weak woman in the court screaming "police brutality."

'Stephen is a good man.' What a joke. Tell that to the 84 year old woman he attacked and the family of the man that he killed.

Posted by: Roxanne [TypeKey Profile Page] at January 29, 2010 12:18 PM

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